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Scholarships for Current Engineering Students


Scholarships for current engineering students are awarded annually by the Clark School and the academic departments. Students must complete the online scholarship application each year to be considered for Clark School Scholarships. Scholarship applications are reviewed by the student's major department and at the college level (if the student's major is undecided) after spring grades are posted. Applicants will be considered for every scholarship administered by the Clark School for which they are eligible. Only students receiving a scholarship will be notified.  Please be aware that the available scholarship funding for the Clark School changes each year.  Students receiving scholarship funding one year may not receive the same or any funding in future years.

We strongly encourage students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as many engineering scholarships have a financial need requirement.

The 2019-2020 scholarship application is available online by clicking here.  For best consideration, please submit your application by the priority deadline of Friday, May 31, 2019.

Scholarship Spotlight

Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistance Grant
Funding for the Dreamkeepers Emergency Assistant Grant is designed to assist students who are experiencing temporary hardships.  Please note, the Grant cannot be used to pay for costs related to books or tuition and mandatory fees.   In order to qualify for a Dreamkeepers Grant, students must be an undergraduate or graduate student at UM, enrolled in a degree seeking program, registered for at least 6 credits.  The Dreamkeepers Grant can be used to assist students with delinquent off campus living expenses (i.e. rent/mortgage payments), delinquent utility bills, delinquent medical expenses not covered by insurance, food related expenses (i.e. groceries).  Please be aware that proof of circumstances must be provided to the Office of Student Financial Aid.  For more information regarding the criteria for this grant please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid Scholarships Office at 301.314.9000.


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